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[ale] Systemd daemon take overs

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 01:55:44PM -0400, DJ-Pfulio via Ale wrote:
> I've only had USB storage with loose connections flake out.  NFS is
> always there, always stable. Perhaps I'm just lucky?

Unless your NFS client is a laptop that was suspended and moved to a 
different network.  Or your NFS mount is across a VPN-over-DSL tunnel 
that can't traffic-shape its way out of a wet paper sack...

> > (Fedora doesn't do this; it defaults to chronyd and ntpd remains
> > available)
> I'd rather not run a test/dev OS.

My point about Fedora is that even a supposedly bleeding-edge OS that 
was the first mainstream adopter of systemd doesn't use every feature 
that systemd supporst.  They've actually been pretty conservative, only 
switching when there's a clear advantage.

(And FWIW my statements apply to RHEL/CentOS too)

> works just like is has since the early 1990s, probably longer.  Only
> with portable devices is that an issue.

...Portable devices are the probably the majority these days.  (Yeah, 
there are eleventy-million Linux servers deployed, but only a tiny 
fraction is directly administered on an individual basis..)

> > (Just tested it now, in fact... Fedora 31 and 32 both work fine with
> > mount -a)
> What do you mean "fine."  You added a mount or changed mount options
> and those changes were seen?


At least in Fedora/RHEL-land) /sbin/mount does not interact with systemd.

> Today, Firefox won't play a video, but audio works for every other
> program on the system.  Firefox doesn't show up in pavucontrol at all.
> I suppose it could be a firefox issue, but I've had issues with
> chromium and cmus and clementine ever since Pulse was forced onto us.

Ubuntu badly bungled its pulseaudio integration, and is responsible for 
nearly all of the ill-will mis-directed towards PA.  Other distros, 
including Fedora (which actually adopted it earlier), had far fewer 
problems; indeed most of the persistent issues there were from buggy 
proprietary software (eg Flash) that didn't even reliably work with 

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