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[ale] Systemd daemon take overs

As I'm setting up a new box, I keep uncovering more daemons that
systemd has taken over, haven't been announced where I'd notice.

* mount (the fstab!)
* automount / autofs
* ntpd ---> timesyncd.conf
* resolvconf --> resolved.conf

Modifying the fstab and running mount -a isn't enough anymore.  We have
to run  .... 
   sudo systemctl daemon-reload
to have systemd reload the fstab and convert it into unit files. Seems
it does that at boot, always today.  The good news, is that the
automount extension to the fstab works well for cifs and nfs mounts.
But the automount for USB storage is a little flaky, IME.  Plus the
fstab lines get crazy-long because the systemd guys always prefer
verbose config options.

Let's not forget PulseAudio.  Every week, seems I'm fighting with pulse
over something.

What other things has systemd taken over that I've missed?