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[ale] ALE meeting location

On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 10:03:38 -0400
Sean Kilpatrick <kilpatms at gmail.com> wrote:

> But I AM Grandpa.
> I believe there is a fundamental difference between Existence and
> Life. Hiding in a cave, afraid of nearly every living thing, is
> Existing, NOT Living.
> For me, sharing a beer with a friend is far less risky than paddling
> an open canoe down the roughest white water east of the Colorado
> River, which I have done many times.

I stand in awe of your adventuresome spirit, oh courageous one. You
might want to consider (but probably won't), that when you drown in a
river, nobody loses but you. When you go to a bar and contract the
virus, you spread the virus to up to half those you later come in
contact with. Those people, in turn, will likely give it to their
families and housemates. And if any of those housemates are as
adventurous as you, you'll have an awe-inspiring fanout. In Italy,
which is a couple weeks farther along the curve than the US, the virus'
death rate is 7.3% (
). That's not 7.3% of old people, that's 7.3% of all people. You won't
get tried for murder, and likely won't know who died due to your
actions, but you sure enough killed them.

As you breath on people after your night of beer with your friends, you
might want to consider that some of those people have done things a
hell of a lot more brave than white water rafting, and in many cases
their brave acts benefited society much more than your white water

To those not as courageous as Sean Kilpatrick, I'd simply say that this
afternoon our nation's *scientists* recommend face to face meetings not
exceed ten people, and to stay away from bars and restaurants. I'd
recommend online meetings until this thing runs its course, if not for
us, then for our loved ones and those we encounter.

Steve Litt
March 2020 featured book: Troubleshooting: Why Bother?