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[ale] ALE meeting location

I've been in touch with DM since yesterday as their landlord (the 
church) asked for minimal activities.  We're small so the initial 
decision was to let us meet.

As of a few minutes ago, that changed.  This month's meeting at DM is 
canceled.  A online meeting is the way to go at this point.

On 3/12/20 11:32 AM, Jim Kinney via Ale wrote:
> All,
> As you know, the new location for ALE meetings was to change for March 
> to a nice location closer to Melton's.
> The location is a meeting room in an apartment building for seniors.
> Given the concerns and elevated risk of seriousness for seniors 
> surrounding the Covid-D virus, it is best that we NOT meet at the new 
> place until the infection rate is less of a risk for the residents. (Not 
> discussing some age issues with ALE meeting attendees :-) get off my lawn! )