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[ale] ALE-NW Sunday Meeting

The normal organizers for ALE-NW haven't posted.
Think they mostly use meetup.

I would feel bad should anyone get sick from ALE, as unlikely as that
is.  Plus, some of us are in the "high-risk" groups.

We need to cancel the physical meetup today and go virtual.
Same time as normal, 3pm.

Use a WebRTC browser like Chromium.

Please mute your microphone and add your nickname under your temporary
profile. Please use a headset, if possible. Please open the chat window
to see messages. The first few minutes will just be to play around with
the Jitsi interface.

* Georgia has declared an emergency.
* Political primaries have been moved.
* Cobb is where most of the cases (Saturday's data) are located.
* Cobb Schools are closed.

ALE-NW isn't about presentations. We try to help individuals with
specific issues. With https://meet.jit.si/ people can break-off to work
in their own rooms as needed. I'm guessing that will be the most useful
for ALE-NW use.

I'll update the meetup announcement ASAP, assuming Steve or Brian don't
get to it first.