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[ale] Hardware available

Is any of that stuff still available?  Or am I a day late and a dollar
short again?   If it's still around, is it possible for me to come up and
take a gander at what you've got?

On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 2:21 PM Jeremy T. Bouse via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:

> Is anyone interested in any of the server hardware I have? I have several
> 1U Dell PowerEdge servers as well as 2U and 4U rackmount systems. I think I
> also have a 1U rack-mountable keyboard/mouse/LCD.  I also have a 7'x22"x22"
> rack available.
> Wife and I are downsizing and packing up the house to move and I don't
> need to bring with us as most haven't been in use for a while now. Whatever
> can't be passed along and repurposed will likely just be donated to a
> hardware reclamation outfit if I can find one.
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