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[ale] Weird behavior when simulating network latency

I ran into this weird issue in debian running kernel 4.19.0 while simulating packet loss an latency. My SSH session to the fw after I enable the tc rules act as if it is also degraded. Response to my typing is sporadic. Network traffic between my fw and my desktop does not seem to be affected. Traffic between the fw and the target is degraded and the rules seem to work. What baffles me is the affect it has on a SSH connection to the fw and to fix that I have to disable the rules. Possibly, the tc config is wrong? 

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if [[ ! -z ${1+x} ]]; then 
if [[ "${1}" == "stop" ]]; then 
tc qdisc del dev ${NIC} root 
exit 0 
echo "$0 <stop>" 
exit 1 

tc qdisc del dev ${NIC} root &>/dev/null 
tc qdisc add dev ${NIC} root handle 1: prio 
tc qdisc add dev ${NIC} parent 1:1 handle 2: netem delay 150ms loss 30% 30% 
tc filter add dev ${NIC} parent 1:0 protocol ip pref 55 handle ::55 u32 match ip dst ${TARGET} flowid 2:1 

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