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[ale] Firewall convo

On Fri 2020-04-10 15:56:33-0400 Derek wrote:
> > - administration is via their GUI or cli interface. You can ssh and
> > get to shell, but config changes you make without using cli will
> > probably be overwritten.  
> Not true; so long as you commit AND SAVE your changes from the CLI,
> then changes in the GUI wont overwrite them (unless you do overwrite
> them). Changes from the CLI will force the GUI to reload, so they try
> hard to ensure you wont *accidentally* overwrite them, but obviously
> if you turn FOO on in the CLI and then turn it off in the GUI, it
> will overwrite the change.

Sorry, I wasn't clear. Using their GUI or CLI tools are fine. I mean
that if you edit files yourself (eg /etc/network/interfaces) or make
local modifications (maybe iptables rules), those changes will likely
be overwritten on reboot or when their GUI/CLI tools are used to modify
something that will regenerate those files..

My point was that if you prefer shell access over GUI, with the ER-X
(and openWRT too) you have to learn what you can safely modify just
like any other Linux system and what you need to modify using
non-standard commands for that system.