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[ale] Firewall convo


On Fri, April 10, 2020 3:48 pm, Robert Story via Ale wrote:
> Cons:
> - limited space for local storage (if you install extra packages)
> - might not be able to keep up with higher bandwidth (>200Mbps; varies
>   depending on whether or not you're using features that disable
>   hardware off-loading)

So long as you can use the HW offload it can certainly handle line speed. 
I can get 960mbps speedtest results through my ER-X

> - administration is via their GUI or cli interface. You can ssh and get
>   to shell, but config changes you make without using cli will probably
>   be overwritten.

Not true; so long as you commit AND SAVE your changes from the CLI, then
changes in the GUI wont overwrite them (unless you do overwrite them). 
Changes from the CLI will force the GUI to reload, so they try hard to
ensure you wont *accidentally* overwrite them, but obviously if you turn
FOO on in the CLI and then turn it off in the GUI, it will overwrite the

In terms of size, the ER-X is about the same size as every other 5-port
switch you've probably seen for the past 1-2 decades.

I happen to like Ubiquiti hardware myself, and my whole house is running
on it.


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