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[ale] Gearing up for the future (wuz: boot speed, systemd, vi vs emacs, etc)

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 12:50:57PM -0500, Steve Litt via Ale wrote:
> One thought. Systemd was not the result of a meritocracy: It was
> financed by Redhat, who, as a purveyor of training and consultants, has
> everything to gain by a universally more complex GNU/Linux. During the
> coup, Redhat must finance the development and troubleshooting of
> systemd, and it doesn't come cheap.

To paraphrase something you said to me earlier in this thread, your 
opinions (and those of others!) don't count as facts.

So, respectfully, [citations needed].

Also, you forget that in a meritocracy, those who do the actual work get 
to determine the future.  The systemd authors (including many not 
actually paid by redhat) put the work in.  Nobody else has.

Well, except arguably for Devuan -- they at least put their money where 
their mouth was and forked Debian.  Unfortunately they haven't actually 
put in any effort where it actually matters; that is working with the 
various upstreams to maintain and support the non-systemd codepaths that 
were barely functional before systemd even came along. 

Ironically, for a distro forked to "maintain init system freedom", they 
actually provide *less* choice than what they forked from.  Their sole 
differentiating feature is the outright removal of libsystemd.so from 
filesystems; the "alternative" inits that are the raison d'etre for 
Devuan aren't supported any better there than upstream Debian.

 - Solomon
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