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[ale] [systemd] Boot speed

On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 03:41:23PM -0500, Steve Litt via Ale wrote:
> It also isn't all that necessary. Most run scripts, as they come from
> the factory (at least with Void Linux) have no process dependency
> checking, and in practice things seem to work just fine. But if one
> wants process dependency checking, it simply requires a simple "if"
> statement within the dependent process' run script.

So... if the parent restarts, who is going to restart the dependents?

> Runit can do that. I'm not sure it's a good idea: I'd rather ip link
> set dev eth0 down;ip link set dev eth0 up, and same with wlo1. With
> such a change, I'd rather fix it up manually. For situations where the
> network goes down and back up again, all I can say is my computer
> brings back its network connection without the need of having the
> network be a service.

I'd rather _not_ fix things up manually, by the time I've finished 
everyhing it would have been faster (and less disruptive) to just reboot 
the system.

Annoyingly there's a big gotcha that I missed -- Google apparently 
requires matching IPv6 RDNS entries.  I'd set up the HE tunnel 
so long ago I forgot that they automatically created those 
entries.  Meanwhile, 2 days in, and Comcast hasn't fulfiled my ticket.

(DNS had already switched over by the time I'd discovered this, so I 
 couldn't just revert back.  Joy...)

> Problem is, with systemd's welded together entanglement of large
> sections of software with applications and the underlying OS, systemd
> completely changes the way you adjust your software, and IMHO not for
> the better if you're at all DIY.

You and I draw the "DIY" line at different places.  

(I don't administer my own systems for the joy of it; they have specific
 jobs to fulfil and I'm too much of a paranoid git to trust my data on 
 anyone else's systems..)

> You never saw this kind of thing with Vim vs Emacs: Neither tried to
> weld itself into irreplacibility. You don't see this thing with KDE vs
> Gnome: Neither was successful enough in welding itself into
> irreplacibility. 

Emacs's viper-mode is arguably a better vi than vim.  :P

> The last piece of software to generate this level of antipathy and 
> resistance was Windows.

...Yet for all that antipathy and resistance, windows still easily rules 
the [PC] world.

 - Solomon
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