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[ale] Why systemd vs sysvinit really doesn't matter to me

On Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 4:25 PM, Damon L. Chesser via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:
> I find that opinion interesting.  I do Linux because I find the way it work
> is like how I think.  I get paid to do it, and by some freak of nature, I am
> pretty good at it and make a very good living doing it.  When it comes to
> making a living, do what ever pays :)  Feeding yourself and family is not a
> Holy Cause.  It is what men the world over get out of bed to do every day
> and most of them never heard of Linux.

Over the course of my career I've seen people who supported a variety
of Unix-ish operating systems. The difference between someone who does
"ThisOS" only at work and a person who does it at work and at home can
be significant. If the OS is becoming a large application where the
company has to wait days for tech support or pay for professional
services to make major changes then it seems more like Windows,
Oracle, or some large "thing". That's not a bad career choice, but it
isn't within my perception of Linux.

I write this at home on a CentOS 6 box using Firefox and GMail. When
things break I can cat the logs and vi the config files if I need to.
I don't that RHEL will stick with systemd, they didn't stick with
upstart. Since they may still employ LP they may go with systemd. Of
course, from my perspective they are going to containerization as a
primary market and leaving the server OS as a secondary product. It
probably makes a lot of business sense.

>From a career perspective I need to work until I die. No real savings
or inheritance. I want that work to be fun and challenging. I don't
want to retire anyway, it seems boring. So I need to pick my topics
for the next ~20 years. Maybe there's a container system that doesn't
use systemd.

On containers, that may be a decent use case for systemd. I don't know
though. I did ask what systemd could do that couldn't be done by other
init systems. So far I haven't seen any responses to that.

Hope that makes sense.