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[ale] 2017 Backblaze HDD Failure Report

On Fri, Feb 02, 2018 at 11:44:44AM -0500, DJ-Pfulio via Ale wrote:
> Also have some 320G Seagate disks still spinning after all these years.
> Zero issues on them. SMART data on them shows ZERO issues still, after
> all this time.  Remember when Seagate made really good drives?  Ah ...
> the good-ole-days.

I have a set of 9-year-old Samsung 1TB drives that are still going 
strong.  The youngest reports 75,834 poweron hours.

However, all but two of the newer 1.5TB models from the same family have 
died before the 4-year mark.  Only one is still going.

After that, I switched to Toshiba -- the oldest still in service have 
38,535 poweron hours.  One failed just before the warranty expired.

 - Solomon
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