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[ale] 2017 Backblaze HDD Failure Report

On 2018-02-01 17:42, DJ-Pfulio via Ale wrote:
> On 02/01/2018 05:16 PM, Alex Carver via Ale wrote:
>> On 2018-02-01 13:16, DJ-Pfulio via Ale wrote:
>>> https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-stats-for-2017/
>>> Fun reading for anyone buying consumer HDDs in the 4T-12T size.
>> Good timing, the project later this year was to get some drives and
>> build up a NAS.  I was planning on some WDC Reds which appear to do
>> reasonably well.
> When I looked at the data, I saw that WD-Reds were not so great and the
> HTSG 4TB were the best for failures.  There are a number of different
> charts in the article. Best to carefully check the captions.

The HGST are helium filled drives and cost significantly more than the
WDC Reds.  The others that are on the same price point seem to also have
the same longevity.

One person did the life expectancy calculations for the drives here: