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[ale] 2017 Backblaze HDD Failure Report

On 2018-02-02 06:49, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Alex Carver via Ale <ale at ale.org> writes:
>>> When I looked at the data, I saw that WD-Reds were not so great and the
>>> HTSG 4TB were the best for failures.  There are a number of different
>>> charts in the article. Best to carefully check the captions.
>> The HGST are helium filled drives and cost significantly more than the
>> WDC Reds.  The others that are on the same price point seem to also have
>> the same longevity.
>> One person did the life expectancy calculations for the drives here:
>> https://medium.com/@simonerni/dissecting-backblaze-hard-drive-stats-2017-17a90089a2e8
> I happen to love HGST drives, and I'm willing to spend a LITTLE more to
> get them.  The 4TB drives are ~$130 each on newegg.  I wish there were
> more data on the HGST 6TB drives, as they are under $200 each and
> currently the best $/TB of the HGST series.
> I currently have 6 4G HGST drives in my FreeNAS server (RAIDZ2).  I'm
> due to add new space soon.  ;)
> -derek

Also, just a fun tidbit:  HGST is Western Digital. ;)