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[ale] bytes per inode for symlinks

Does anything besides the initial boot code require an explicit location?
If so, shrinking won't change the relative location but will the absolute

I can't think of anything beyond the initial boot sector and possibly
journal locations and backup partition data.

On Oct 12, 2016 6:32 PM, "Chris Fowler" <cfowler at outpostsentinel.com> wrote:

> I'm making progress on the 7.10 LFS disti for my i586 device.  I've ran
> out of space (expected) and have solved that.  I still need to free up more
> space.
> Recap: Almost all real files reside in /usr/pkg/XXXX.   Everything else
> are symlinks outside that point into there.
> I've moved many files in /usr/pkg to a sqaushfs image with XZ
> compression.  To solve the issue of booting with missing libraries because
> they may be in that image before /etc/fstab gets acted upon I've addressed
> this in initrd.
> Initrd looks in / for an image file.  It mounts that to /mnt/ro and then
> executes /mnt/ro/.setup.sh.  This script reads a file there and populages
> /usr/pkg/i586/<name> with links back to /mnt/ro/sur/pkg/i586/<name>.   GNU
> stow was used earlier to create the symlinks so if you boot on a rescue USB
> and look at the / filesystem you'll see mostly broken links.  Once initrd
> has done its job switch_root goes live and it works great.
> Default ext4 bytes per inode is 16k.  Root will have many symlinks.  Inode
> size is 256b.  I'm thinking of booting off usb, tar up and copy everything
> off and then reformat root for 4k bytes per inode.  Will this be an issue?
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