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[ale] bytes per inode for symlinks

I'm making progress on the 7.10 LFS disti for my i586 device. I've ran out of space (expected) and have solved that. I still need to free up more space. 

Recap: Almost all real files reside in /usr/pkg/XXXX. Everything else are symlinks outside that point into there. 

I've moved many files in /usr/pkg to a sqaushfs image with XZ compression. To solve the issue of booting with missing libraries because they may be in that image before /etc/fstab gets acted upon I've addressed this in initrd. 

Initrd looks in / for an image file. It mounts that to /mnt/ro and then executes /mnt/ro/.setup.sh. This script reads a file there and populages /usr/pkg/i586/<name> with links back to /mnt/ro/sur/pkg/i586/<name>. GNU stow was used earlier to create the symlinks so if you boot on a rescue USB and look at the / filesystem you'll see mostly broken links. Once initrd has done its job switch_root goes live and it works great. 

Default ext4 bytes per inode is 16k. Root will have many symlinks. Inode size is 256b. I'm thinking of booting off usb, tar up and copy everything off and then reformat root for 4k bytes per inode. Will this be an issue? 

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