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[ale] Xen Server adding a virtual disk to a VM

Thanks Allen! That lvmdiskscan is super-handy. I had totally forgotten about that. 

I don't have any Windows boxes handy so I haven't been using XenCenter for at least a year. Some stuff I do with the xe command line tool but I also use Xen Orchestra. It's actually pretty easy to run from Docker. I used to use jpoa/xen-orchestra, but it doesn't seem to be working for the latest version. If you want to give it a try, I'm now using this one: 


It does most of the stuff XenCenter does or at least my basic needs, and with no Windows OS needed. 


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If you are talking about inside of a Linux VM, "lvmdiskscan" will usually show you all block devices in a clean list. Otherwise, there is always "fdisk -l". If you are talking about a disk exposed to XenServer itself, it is easiest to turn that into a storage repo in the XenCenter gui. 

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Hi, I actually know how to add a virtual disk to a VM, but once it's added, how are you supposed to know the device name so you can partition, create a filesystem, and mount it? 

I usually do this guessing-game where I do "ls /dev/xvd*" and "mount|grep xvd" and try to find what's missing, but this doesn't seem like the best way. Can you find out somehow from the xe command? 


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