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[ale] folder properties

On 08/17/2015 10:24 AM, Alex Carver wrote:
> Paul's problem isn't that he can or can't send email to a particular
> account.  What he's looking for is an automagic way to assign an
> identity to a particular local folder such that creating a new message
> or replying to a message within that folder will populate the desired
> identity (e.g. he has a gmail account and an ISP account and he wants to
> click the Write button while sitting on the ALE folder and have it
> choose his gmail account as the outbound identity).
> I do this all the time by using the Folder Accounts plugin.  All my
> incoming mail is filtered into local folders where there is no default
> account.  I have over 40 identities configured in Thunderbird across
> five accounts (aliases of each of the accounts).  The Folder Accounts
> plugin will add a new field to the folder properties dialog box that
> lets you choose the default identity for that folder.  Any actions
> performed while that folder is selected (new message, reply, reply all,
> etc.) will use the chosen default identity.

Ah ... good explanation - I have hundreds of "identities" too. To send
email requires authentication from a valid accounts, but for selected
accounts, spoofing the "FROM" is allowed.  devil at hell.com is a fav. ;)

Also, I don't use "local folders" at all - only IMAP here, so if I do
choose to pull email from some external provider, it gets placed into
the imap folder structure on the household mail server ... not on one
local PC.  It is nice to have the same view of all emails regardless of
client device used.