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[ale] folder properties

Paul's problem isn't that he can or can't send email to a particular
account.  What he's looking for is an automagic way to assign an
identity to a particular local folder such that creating a new message
or replying to a message within that folder will populate the desired
identity (e.g. he has a gmail account and an ISP account and he wants to
click the Write button while sitting on the ALE folder and have it
choose his gmail account as the outbound identity).

I do this all the time by using the Folder Accounts plugin.  All my
incoming mail is filtered into local folders where there is no default
account.  I have over 40 identities configured in Thunderbird across
five accounts (aliases of each of the accounts).  The Folder Accounts
plugin will add a new field to the folder properties dialog box that
lets you choose the default identity for that folder.  Any actions
performed while that folder is selected (new message, reply, reply all,
etc.) will use the chosen default identity.

On 2015-08-17 06:56, Stephen R. Blevins wrote:
> Paul,
>     I use Thunderbird all the time and have two active accounts, plus
> Local Folders.  *I* usually have all my topical folders under Local
> Folders.  When you set up your Gmail account, on the Account Settings
> page there is a an "Outgoing Servers (SMTP)" option, with a selection
> list.  Select the Gmail server option.
> Hope this hels.
> Stephen R. Blevins
> stephen.r.blevins at gmail.com
> On 08/17/2015 06:50 AM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
>> so, I got this nice new computer working, works great:) now the tweaks....
>> I use thunderbird for email, & I thought I had some folder setup to send
>> from certain accounts, like ALE.. when I send a message to ale, I want
>> it to be from my gmail account.. I thought I had this before, maybe I am
>> dreaming.. is that possible?
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