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[ale] State & Federal tax filing on Linux

express1040.com here and other than one oddity works just fine from Mandriva 
Linux. Using an older version of Firefox (long story...) and can only scroll 
the few oversized text entry boxes by switching Page Style (under View) to 
No Style. 

Federal is free, state $13 and a snail mailed paper copy of both $5. Ends up 
under $20 each year. 

On Tuesday 25 February 2014, Beddingfield, Allen wrote:
> I do mine on turbotax.com. ?They have an option where you can do the full
> thing now - not just the basic. ?You essentially pay the same as you would
> if you bought the disk in the store, but you can print out your returns
> (just print to a .pdf file). ?I have not actually filed from a Linux
> machine (I did mine from my Mac), but so long as their website will load
> okay, you should be able to do the whole thing from there. ?I did mine on
> there, and it was about a twelve day delay in getting my refund.