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[ale] State & Federal tax filing on Linux

I do mine on turbotax.com.  They have an option where you can do the full thing now - not just the basic.  You essentially pay the same as you would if you bought the disk in the store, but you can print out your returns (just print to a .pdf file).  I have not actually filed from a Linux machine (I did mine from my Mac), but so long as their website will load okay, you should be able to do the whole thing from there.  I did mine on there, and it was about a twelve day delay in getting my refund.  
Allen Beddingfield
Systems Engineer
The University of Alabama

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It's been a few years since I've done our taxes myself. Last time was
using TurboTax on Mafia$haft. I'd like a Linux only solution, that would
allow me to keep a copy of my forms on my system and eFile for me both
Fed & State. Looking for personal recommendations. Everything I'm
finding so far is dated no more recent than 2009 so I don't think that
would be viable solutions. Also I keep hearing that there were major
changes in tax laws this year so the media is recommending not to do
taxes yourself this year. Any opinions on that?

Scott C.
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