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[ale] ATT email about some RIAA stuff

Hey Narahari!

Wish I didn't have to point this out, but I think there is a very
strong possibility you are being singled out for this unfounded,
zero evidence corporate terrorism because of your Asian
sir name.

The last thing you should be doing is cowering or capitulating
or running away to another provider.  It leaves the door open
for the frauds to throw lies in your face again.

You SHOULD be screaming RACISM and demanding to
see any evidence supporting their fabricated allegations.

You SHOULD be threatening to sue these terrorist thugs
for blatantly attacking your civil liberties and right to due
process just on principle, and all the more so if your
livelyhood is being restricted or threatened by their actions.

You SHOULD be standing your ground against the threats
of the corporapist oligarchy and fighting back with every
resource at your disposal.

in peace, after justice,

On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 11:00 PM, Narahari 'n' Savitha
<savithari at gmail.com> wrote:
> Friends:
> I received an email from ATT saying that some RIAA guy thinks I am sharing
> some program especially some.mp3 file.
> I searched my Mac, my daughter's Dell laptop and my spouse's laptop for that
> file.  I found nothing with that name.
> I searched multiple times but nothing.
> We dont do any kind of P2P software (not knowingly atleast) but they are
> sending us this.
> What are my options ?
> Take the tutorial as ATT suggests, I dont like this.
> Do the independent review as said in the email, but costs me $35 and I am
> not sure what this gets me.
> Leave ATT and go to Comcast (they are the only two providers in my area)
> Choose a Cell Phone provider based SIM kind of an internet access over 4G I
> guess.
> Use a dialup  based connection but I dont have phone connection at home.
> Any other ideas, are welcome.
> Please help.
> -Narahari
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