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[ale] ATT email about some RIAA stuff


I received an email from ATT saying that some RIAA guy thinks I am sharing
some program especially some.mp3 file.

I searched my Mac, my daughter's Dell laptop and my spouse's laptop for
that file.  I found nothing with that name.

I searched multiple times but nothing.

We dont do any kind of P2P software (not knowingly atleast) but they are
sending us this.

What are my options ?

Take the tutorial as ATT suggests, I dont like this.

Do the independent review as said in the email, but costs me $35 and I am
not sure what this gets me.

Leave ATT and go to Comcast (they are the only two providers in my area)

Choose a Cell Phone provider based SIM kind of an internet access over 4G I

Use a dialup  based connection but I dont have phone connection at home.

Any other ideas, are welcome.

Please help.

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