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[ale] NISPlus-like Server for Debian/Ubuntu?

FreeIPA is great but lack of Ubuntu capability is a nonstarter for you.
The java is all openjdk stuff for the GUI that can be used.

I'm running FreeIPA at work with no issues. Two Ubuntu systems just aren't
on it. The setup runs and all configs look ready but they never try to
connect to server for userauth. It seems like the IPA part is ready but the
local userauth part is hard coded. And no one it working on it.

Alternatives are NIS+ (not useful anymore) and straight LDAP (can possibly
use IPA LDAP without kerberos) or <shudder>AD.

Last alternative is to use relevant files as links to an NFS mounted due
back to a common source.
On Feb 22, 2014 10:10 AM, "JD" <jdp at algoloma.com> wrote:

> Guess I really need a recommendation for something to replace NIS+.  Would
> FreeIPA be that next-gen tool? http://www.freeipa.org/page/Main_Page
> Ubuntu 12.04 is my main platform today, but a 10.04 box exists still and
> 14.04
> will be coming in May/June.  Doesn't look like FreeIPA has a debian
> maintainer -
> lots of nasty dependencies - mostly Java stuff, it appears.  Java is a
> non-starter on my network. Personal bias against it.
> Other alternatives for this need?
> Heck, even if I have to merge /etc/group and passwd/shadow files manually,
> then
> use Ansible to push them to every box here, that is better than running
> java, IMHO.
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