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[ale] ATT email about some RIAA stuff

On 2/21/2014 05:53, Narahari 'n' Savitha wrote:
> It could be that there are people that are in my neighborhood are using it
> but why am I being forced to take a tutorial which I feel is coercion and
> if I dont take  ATT will block me from going to any site.
> If I take the tutorial I feel I am admitting guilt to something I have not
> done.
> They dont allow me to cancel service without an early termination fee of
> $120 which I feel is unethical.
> For the $28.50 I pay each month, I am not getting service which I feel is
> unethical business practice.
> Any suggestions including, just bite the bullet take the tutorial or pay
> the $120 and sever relations with ATT.
> I am going crazy in my mind here.
> -N

Before even worrying about switching providers, fix your access point.
There's no "it could be" about your AP being used.  Either it is or it
is not.  If there's no evidence on your machines of the file being
shared then someone IS[1] using your AP and you need to change the
access keys.  If you don't, this will continue to happen and you'll get
another nastygram from your new provider.  Check the AP logs, find out
if there's another machine connecting to it that isn't yours, check for
trojans on the machines, etc.  You can also escalate the call through
the support channels.  They may give in since it's the first time.

[1] It is possible (not very likely but possible) that the IP was
spoofed or the offending IP is a dynamic IP that was reassigned to your
modem and they're blaming you when the activity happened some time
earlier before you had the IP.  AT&T would know which IP you had on any
given day but the RIAA can specify the wrong dates which would still
implicate you.  Fix the AP anyway.