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[ale] non-technical Linux question

On 2/11/14, 6:01 PM, Jim Kinney wrote:
> I have no idea what my FORTRAN punch cards ran on at GaTech in 1980. 
> As a cheme major, I had no terminal access.
That would have been a Control Data Cyber.

My first Linux install would have been in 1995 or 1996 - Red Hat from 
floppies, on a Gateway 2000 486 with a SCSI controller on an EISA card, 
I seem to recall.  I remember lying on the floor in my office after I 
got a login prompt.

I didn't get more serious about Linux until 1998; I had a Web server and 
a videoconferencing reflector working.  Later that year I changed jobs 
and moved to Atlanta, where a certain Mr. Kinney helped me get an IBM 
laptop running Linux at an Emory installfest.