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[ale] non-technical Linux question

On 2/11/2014 5:08 PM, Boris Borisov wrote:
> I've read the JD bio from the announcement for the Thursday meeting 
> and He says that got introduced to world of Linux in 1993 ...
> What is your first encounter with Linux/Unix world?
first UNIX encounter was pre-Linux. Georgia Tech used AT&T 3B2s running 
Sys V for their CS 140 course which was  Introduction to Programming 
using the PASCAL programming language. We used something called the 
"Freshman Shell" which gave us severely limited access to a /bin/ksh. 
After reading up on this, I started getting more interested in UNIX. My 
next UNIX was the VAX 11/780s running a variation of BSD. Then it was 
Vaxstation 2000s running Ultrixx I think.

  When I bought my first computer, I didn't bother with anything other 
than DOS since I was looking for x86 versions of UNIX for it already. By 
the time the first "distribution" of Linux can out as a serious of 
floppy disc images that you downloaded, I jumped at the chance to use a 
UNIX as my default OS.

these days I use pretty much all OSes that I can get my hands on as I 
believe that you should have many tools in your tool belt and pick the 
best tool for the job at the time. But if left to my own devices, I 
would have a Linux desktop and be quite happy.