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[ale] Linux Server Basics Trainer requested by CNN

On 02/05/2014 04:09 PM, Lightner, Jeff wrote:
> Personally I don't think there's anything evil about bringing MS 
> Admins from the dark side into the light.  Quite the contrary. Once 
> upon a time I was a lowly DOS user :-)

Same here.  As a young teenager I played on my mentor's (a neighbor that 
worked for Westinghouse in IT) state of the art 286 computer. Obviously 
it was loaded with DOS.  I eventually got my own PC (my parents paid 
mucho deniro for it).  I told him I was bored with DOS and was thinking 
of doing something else. He said I had hardly touched the technology.  
UNIX keeps me interested.  :)
> The question in my mind is how much expertise one can really develop 
> in just 3 months.   Hopefully CNN is actually staffing some 
> experienced Linux admins and are just trying to jump start the rest of 
> the staff enough to avoid bothering the more experienced admins with 
> mundane questions like: "How do I add this user?"

You can not.  Only experience can.  We are jumping to conclusions. It 
may be possible that CNN has seasoned UNIX/Linux IT staff, but those 
folks are too busy and too $$$ to train others how to do stuff.  I may 
be that the others are not going to be full-time Linux admins, but pick 
up projects when the real gurus get busy.   If I wanted to expand the 
experience of IT staff I think that I would have created the same plan.  
Sometimes you deal with workers that have pigeon-holed their self into 
one job.  Maybe a Windows System Admin only type guy/gal.  Sometimes a 
trainer can get them to do a bit more.   Taking someone that has almost 
no knowledge of Linux and then railroading them in one week is a recipe 
for disaster. Especially if they are no longer 18 years old.  Over 3 
months with a trainer and a mentor would be an excellent plan.

> In larger shops I've been in we had a mix of seasoned admins and 
> junior admins and I for one enjoyed seeing the latter progress over time.

This may be the same at CNN.

Some of you folks have looked at their post and automatically attacked 
it because you only saw negative things.  Maybe their is a positive side 
to their request?   Crap!  To be the optimist is an unlikely road for me 
to take....

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