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[ale] Linux Server Basics Trainer requested by CNN

Yes, go train some Windows admins to do your job for a fraction of the
cost. Sounds like an excellent plan.

On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 1:08 PM, Aaron Ruscetta <arxaaron at gmail.com> wrote:
> A friend of mine who works at CNN has asked for ALE's  help
> in locating an experienced, independent Linux professional for
> a 3 month (approx.) part time contract, The job involves on
> site training of intermediate level computer staff (though mostly
> new to Linux) on basic Linux server installation and admin in a
> VM based environment.
> The goal of the training is to familiarize attendees with the core
> skills of Linux installation, VM management, command line
> usage and elementary networking, agnostic to various server
> distributions such as Red Hat, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.
> Exact details of the scope, course content design and number
> of sessions involved are in development and dependent on
> invited input from the selected candidate.  CNN would like
> the training sessions to start as soon as feasible with
> compensation to be determined according skill level and
> training experience.
> The ideal candidate will be an engaged and capable instructor
> with an in depth knowledge of Linux, Linux VM server installation,
> server system administration and basic networking across a
> variety of Linux distros. CV's should reflect relevant skills and
> make note of desired hourly compensation.
> It was requested that interested candidates email their CV's to
> me and I will pass them on to my CNN contact. Please send
> as plain text or PDF attachments only with an email subject
> line that includes the words "CNN Training".  Email to:
>    Aaron Ruscetta <arxaaron at gmail.com>
> Thanks for your Attention!
> in peace,
> Aaron Ruscetta
> ALE Events Coordinator (etc),
> 404.315.0406
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