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[ale] [OT] need live weather radar display

On 4/2/2013 16:26, Brian MacLeod wrote:

> Sounds like the maps available at wunderground.com.  It auto refreshes
> every five minutes.
> However, you mentioned city streets -- yeah, no.
> I also think the transparency bit isn't available (not sure if you're
> actually talking about browser window, in this case)
> And, probably the feature of death: needs javascript, if I am
> mistaken.  Anything browser based and have the pan/zoom/autoupdate is
> likely to need that.  Sorry.

Pan and zoom is useless for radar anyway.  Just a gimmick by news 
outlets.  Refresh can be done in straight HTML with the meta tags so JS 
can be avoided (but you have to run your own server).