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[ale] [OT] need live weather radar display

Hi all,

The following is something I've been periodically searching for for a 
few years.  I need a firefox plugin or website or even a windows and 
linux native app that can display live weather radar on my screen.  It 
must have the following features.

* capable of sitting off in a corner of the screen in a 2" x 2" to 4" x 
4" window
* shows current radar when activated and the time the data is from
* location of the active radar data source can be chosen, unless it 
shows multiple ones
* map should be zoomable and scrollable
* street maps and city names should show up under the radar image
* radar image transparency should be controllable
* preferably, should reestablish it's settings and location and size 
when restarted
* I do not need radar animation, just the current status.
* MUST! auto update every few minutes when the weather service issues 
new radar data, no less often than every 15 minutes, more often if possible

Essentially, I want a little box on my screen to always look as if I'd 
tuned to the weather radar channel on tv.  Trying to go to the tv 
station's website and put that in a window doesn't work too well 
either.  I can go to weather.com and display a map and shrink it, but it 
doesn't look too great, requires me to re establish the window when I 
restart firefox, and doesn't auto update.

I just want to be able to glance at this little window at any time and 
see what's coming my way.  I thought about buying one of those $ 50 
android tablets at big lots just to run a radar app, but that seems like 

As I said, I've been searching for something like this for a while and 
haven't found it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




(PS - If you email me and don't get a quick response, you might want to
call on the phone.  I get about 300 emails per day from alternate energy
mailing lists and such.  I don't always see new email messages very quickly.)

Ron Frazier
770-205-9422 (O)   Leave a message.
linuxdude AT techstarship.com