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[ale] [OT] on grammar (and spelling)

George Carless wrote:
> Ultimately, no, the English rules of grammar are *not* written; at least, not in any full, immutable fashion. And thank 
> goodness for that.

I do like "The Elements of Style" as a reference (it can freely be 
downloaded as a PDF).  While there will always be criticisms for 
_anything_ I have found it broadly accepted.

This reminds me of when the National Spelling Bee was protested by 
crackpots wanting to change the spelling of words to be more phonetic... 
losing the Latin root value in the process.

probably my favorite comment was by someone that wrote the following:

a burro is an ass.
a burrow is a hole in the ground.
if they were spelled the same, we wouldn't know one from the other.



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