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[ale] GO Windows!!! ;-)

My point is "proper English" is understood to be that which is
grammatically correct not that which is in common usage.   The
discussion was about the grammar.  The rules of grammar are written and
ignoring them to make a point doesn't serve anyone.   

Just because some idiot at the 96 Olympics call center and her
supervisor thought New Mexico was a foreign country didn't make it true.
All it did was make Atlanta look like the home of some of the dumbest
people on the planet.   

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Avery Ceo (avery.ceo at gmail.com) wrote the following on Mon, Jun 28, 2010
at 09:09:45AM -0400:
> On 6/28/10, Lightner, Jeff <jlightner at water.com> wrote:
> > I reckon that's plain wrong - Just because "ain't" is in common use
> > ain't proper English.   "It is me" may be common but there ain't no
> > arguments for it being proper English so there ain't no arguments on
> > both sides.  Youse is either right or y'all is wrong but you'uns
> > have it both ways.

But that's my point--there *are* good arguments for its being "proper
English" (whatever that might be).  
To say "it was he who argued pointlessly on ALE" is fine, since it can
be easily reworded to "he was the 
person who argued pointlessly[...]," but the same parallelism doesn't
exist with "it is I"; we simply 
don't say "I is it," so, well, if "it is I" is more correct than "it is
me," why, then, shouldn't we make 
the same case for "this am I" -- which, clearly, nobody at all would
say.  As I said, this argument is 
hardly a new one (nor one that we're likely to resolve here); and, at
any rate, when it comes to 
"correctness" common usage rules; that's why we're not the French.  

(Having said that, of course, I'll certainly continue to rail against "I
could care less" or, for that 
matter, "between you and I" *shudder*.)
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