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[ale] GO Windows!!! ;-)

In the past I installed Mint/Ubuntu 9.04 (I believe) on a Dell laptop, but
had trouble with the Broadcom wireless card.  Nothing I googled helped.  The
only advice was to wait for 10.04.
Well, yesterday I installed a MiniInspiron with Remix 10.04.  Again, the
b-com did not work out of the box.  They lied.  However, a simple and quick
apt-get and then install <whatever> from a terminal window fixed the
problem.  Nice!!!

(What __wasn't__ nice was that in order to install Remix in the first place,
I had to create an live-USB from ISO drive.  After struggling with the
creation on both Ubuntu (8.04) and Mac, I raised a white flag and went to
Windows.  Yes, I know.  It was too easy creating it on Windows.  Maybe had I
used a later version of Ubuntu it would have been easier.  Oh well.  I guess
there are a few things Windows is good for...sigh)

Learned a good lesson on both assignments.

-- Asher
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