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[ale] GO Windows!!! ;-)

On Mon, 2010-06-28 at 09:52 -0400, Jim Lynch wrote:

> >
> Jim makes a good point.  How many computer users actually install an 
> operating system?  I suspect most folks buy a computer with an OS on it 
> and if they do that, there's a very good chance all the hardware will 
> work with the software on the system.
> On top of that upgrading Linux is far less troublesome than Windows 
> since Linux does not often stop support of "legacy" hardware while 
> Windows sure does.  Then couple that with the need to have increasingly 
> more memory, HD space, faster CPU with each new version of Windows.  
> Granted Linux does sometimes suffer from the same problem, but not 
> nearly as much as Windows.
> Jim.

Antidotal story follows:   Sister-in-law in town visiting.  She jumped
on Mother-in-laws laptop to finish a due paper at her university.  I
told her "you know that is not windows you are on?"  She did not.  It
was fedora 13/gnome w/Open Office.  She never heard of OO either, but it
was the only word processor installed so that is what she
(accidentally?) started using.  She was impressed and thought it worked
better then windows/Office combo.  This just happened this weekend.  She
wants to buy a laptop and have me install Linux on it.

Same story as Mother-in-law who now runs Linux.  Brother-in-law
installed windows and nothing but issues.  I (un-installed windows and)
installed Linux, nothing but smooth computer usage.

The average user does not, perhaps can not, install windows.  But give
them a Linux installed box, and except for specific use cases, so far,
in my life, they prefer Linux.

Antidotal story ends.

So far my statistical analysis clear shows that 100% of users prefer
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