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[ale] [OT] A vent and whine - ignore with dignity

Yes, the terrifying thing about this all is that MSFT is building DRM
into their OS for the specific purpose of being the only platform that
can watch video. They will exclude Linux. They will exclude Mac. They
are getting in bed with MSFT. If you want to play, soon you will be
forced to put the racket ball in your mouth and climb in bed with

On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 9:17 PM, scott <scott at sboss.net> wrote:
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> requirement: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional,
> Windows 7 Enterprise, or Windows 7 Ultimate
> The unit uses DRM built into Windows to do its magic. ?This is done on
> purpose since the cable companies/MPAA/Hollywood/etc can then push down
> their DRM on it at their will with the help of M$. ?They dont want you
> to keep recordings on your DVR forever. ?That is why the ones provided
> by the cable companies have soo little drive space and wont let you
> expand. ?And they dont want homebrewers to have the access or they will
> just keep adding and adding space. ?Then they (hollywood/MPAA) cant
> force you to go and buy the DVD/BlueRays.
> Its all about the DRM and force purchases.
> sorry about the rant but I just had a very long technical discussion
> about this with two people that work for that industry in a techie
> position and they couldnt see my point of view.
> scott
> Michael B. Trausch wrote:
>> On Sun, 2010-06-27 at 11:46 -0400, Byron Jeff wrote:
>>> Now of course they try to explain that this is for the customer's
>>> benefit.
>>> But that's a bunch of horsecrap. The only purpose in encrypting is to
>>> force
>>> everyone to attach a box to every device that uses the signal. They
>>> offer
>>> two absolutely crappy digital to analog freebies. But everything else
>>> has
>>> to be rented on a per month basis.
>>> At that point in time I had 7 direct consumers of the analog signal, 4
>>> TVs
>>> and 3 Myth tuners. I had 2 boxes, then it expanded to 4 (for the TVs).
>>> But at this point in time, the MythTV box is virtually (and for the
>>> moment
>>> due to a upgrade glitch literally) out of commission.
>> Nearly all cable companies are transitioning to encrypted channels, for
>> a multitude of reasons. ?For the most part, the reason is money:
>> large-scale channel feeds want the channels encrypted.
>> The solution is to not rely on "clearQAM" tuners, and instead get a
>> multituner card that can use a CableCARD (so that you don't need
>> Comcast's equipment to have tuners that work).
>> Check out this quad-core tuner:
>> ? http://www.cetoncorp.com/products.php
>> I don't know if it is yet supported by MythTV, but if it isn't, I'm sure
>> that it won't be terribly long. ?Having a device such as this will soon
>> be the only way to watch the encrypted channels on almost any cable
>> television provider in the USA.
>> As an aside---I don't know why CableCARD failed in things like
>> television sets. ?I always thought it was a great idea to not have to
>> have the separate cable box, personally. ?But, there is the chance that
>> they will make their way into homes anyway now, since you'll need them
>> to do things like use MythTV or Microsoft's equivalent, whatever that
>> is, on a PC.
>> ? ? ? --- Mike
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