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[ale] [OT] A vent and whine - ignore with dignity

On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 09:27:14AM -0400, Geoffrey wrote:
> Scott Castaline wrote:
> > On 06/21/2010 07:26 AM, Geoffrey wrote:
> >> Jim Kinney wrote:
> >>> I feel your frustration, brother. I can chop my bill down and up my
> >>> bandwidth by jumping Speakeasy ship and going Comcast Business class. I
> >>> can't bring myself to do it.
> >> I dumped Comcast (TV) because they were complete idiots.
> >>
> >> I went with AT&T Uverse and I have been perfectly happy ever since.
> >> I've dealt with both AT&T Uverse and AT&T DSL support, and I can
> >> honestly say they are most definitely from different worlds.  The AT&T
> >> Uverse techs know their stuff.  The DSL folks must have been trained by
> >> Comcast, they're idiots.
> >>
> >> YMMV
> >>
> > That's interesting, as for what I've been able to find out Uverse is 
> > based on a propriety system by Micro$oft. They know about Linux?
> As I understand it, their hardware is Microsoft based.   Something I did 
> not find out until after I'd signed up with them.
> At this point, I'm seriously considering dumping TV altogether and going 
> just a internet connection.  Very little worth watching on TV these days.

I'm a sports junkie. Sports franchises jealously guard their live content
because that's how they make their money. There's no reliable stable
mechanism to get Live events over the internet. While everything else is
pretty accessible, the one thing I really need from the TV is the hardest
to get online.