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[ale] Okular-PDF, was Re: Flash Video

On 06/19/2010 04:14 PM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On Sat June 19 2010, Scott Castaline wrote:
>> With the recent issues with Adobe Reader and Flash, I'd rather avoid
>> using their products. Unless if they have resolved their issues and have
>> a true 64 bit version. I do have to admit that the reader handles
>> printing much better than Evince does. Adobe will adjust the page to be
>> within the printer's margins whereas Evince does not resulting of some
>> pdf docs will be missing the top and or bottom lines. At least that's
>> the case with my HP all-in-one.
> I had a similar issue printing PDF docs ( I had lots of printing problems..)
> and I finally installed okular, and put it as my default PDF file viewer. It
> is FAST!, works great, and prints nicely! viewing PDF files in firefox, I
> cannot print them, okular works every time.
Just googled okular and this came up #4:
looks like it's dying. I use the gnome desktop, do you know how much 
extra stuff I need to use or at least try it? Also when I do search for 
it I come up with these 2 pkgs:

kdegraphics "KDE Graphics Applications"
kpartsplugin "KParts technology to embed file viewers into non-KDE browsers"