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[ale] Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't like my laptop but 9.10 worked just fine on it?

I have a Gateway M320 that I wanted to put Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on

the problem is that something seems to have changed with Xorg in this 
version. for whatever reason the screen goes blank when it tries to 
start up x windows. I did a distribution upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 and 
everything seemed to go just fine. when it asked to reboot I let it.

When it came back up it went to a black screen as soon as X started. 
Whatever is causing it is so bad that I can't even get a console to pop 
up by pressing ctrl-F1,ctrl-f2,etc.

I downloaded the iso for 10.04 and tried to boot my laptop from it, and 
got the same problem, as soon as x starts it goes to a black screen.

does anyone know a workaround for this issue?

I'm going to download the alternate installer and try it next, but I'm 
not very hopeful at this point.

Van Loggins, A+