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[ale] System behavior on embedded links

On 06/16/2010 03:26 PM, James Sumners wrote:
> This is a function of the window manager. You window manager is
> configured to bring windows to the front only when clicked (is what it
> sounds like). Look through the settings for your window manager. There
> should be one to change this behavior.
I have looked under System->Preferences, System->Administration, and 
Applications->System Tools->Configuration Editor no joy:\
Is there something from CLI that would give me access or some package I 
may be missing?

> On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 1:43 PM, Scott Castaline<skotchman at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> What function or configuration parameter dictates the systems behavior
>> when you click on an embedded web page link in an email message. I'm
>> trying to get back a behavior where when I click on a link in an email
>> that points to say www.ale.org it causes Firefox to open with that tab
>> active. Right now it'll stay minimized with Thunderbird still the focus
>> and the tab for FF will be flashing. I have to click on it to change the
>> focus to FF. The link will open a new tab but does not change the system
>> focus. I have searched through both apps preferences as well as their
>> advanced config files and cannot see anything obvious that would seem to
>> do this.
>> I currently have Fedora 13, Firefox 3.6.3, Thunderbird 3.0.4 and Gnome
>> for my desktop. Under Fedora 12 when I clicked on such link it would
>> cause the Firefox window to pop up and a new tab opened with the
>> requested site or launch Firefox if not already running. That is what I
>> want to happen now. Sorry for being long winded, but I'm not sure how
>> else to describe what I wanted.
>> TIA
>> Scott C.