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[ale] Deja-Dup

I back up to my Moms mac mini.  Deja - Dup will take an ip address  
and port.  I had to mess with her dsl modem/router to get through it  
but it wasn't too hard.

I was just using a usb disk but my mom bought a new Mac (she'd been  
using Ubuntu for years on free hardware) and I wanted to get her on a  
backup schedule.  I though I could have Apples backup software point  
to a PC at my house and then realized that I could do the same with  
my backups.

So we are protected from fire flood (she's on a hill) and wind but  
not a nuclear attack.

Amazon does look like a good deal if you don't have a friend willing  
to open a port to you.  The pricing is a bit hard to understand but  
looks cheap.  I backup 1.5 gig off my desktop and I think Amazons  
price works out to about .30 a month with .01 per query or update.   
So $3.65 for daily backups of .30 a month of data is only about  
another $3.60 per year.  === $7.25 per year??   You cant beat that  
with a USB stick.  Am I reading this right?


I set up some folks on Carbonite at $55 a year and actually that  
seems pretty reasonable.  Except carbonite only caters to the dark  
side (closed side) of the world at the moment.

Mark Wright
m.perry.wright at gmail.com

On Jun 16, 2010, at 8:47 AM, Scott Castaline wrote:

> On 06/15/2010 10:15 PM, Mark Wright wrote:
>>   I use in on Ubuntu 9.10. I backs up every thing, pictures, music,
>> documents for free.
>> Mark Wright
>> m.perry.wright at gmail.com <mailto:m.perry.wright at gmail.com>
>      Which server do you use? The default seems to be Amazon S3. Does
> anyone else use it, if so do you have any opinions as to which  
> server is
> the better one price/performance/reliability/security?
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