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[ale] meeting notice (NOT!)

On Tue, 2010-06-15 at 12:14 -0400, Passauer, Billy wrote:
> Does any know if there is an open data jack in the meeting room?  And
> if not, will the restrictions on the wireless ?EmoryGuest? access
> hamper setting up any video conferencing:
>                  EmoryGuest is restricted in the following manner:
>     * Network bandwidth will be throttled to 0.5Mb per second.
>     * Each session will expire in four hours.
>     * Access is restricted to http and https protocols, though users
> may use VPN to "tunnel" to their home networks. 

If the 512Kbps isn't a showstopper, I can *probably* provide a VPN setup
so that there is a clear network connection to the outside world.
However, that would depend on what I can reliably do in a container
*and* what sorts of VPNs Emory "blesses".

That said, seeing that they permit HTTPS, I could always just put an
OpenSSH server on port 443 and one can create a tunnel with that.

	--- Mike