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[ale] meeting notice (NOT!)

Does any know if there is an open data jack in the meeting room?  And if not, will the restrictions on the wireless ?EmoryGuest? access hamper setting up any video conferencing:

                 EmoryGuest is restricted in the following manner:
    * Network bandwidth will be throttled to 0.5Mb per second.
    * Each session will expire in four hours.
    * Access is restricted to http and https protocols, though users may use VPN to "tunnel" to their home networks.

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Subject: [ale] meeting notice (NOT!)

There was some discussion of (me?!?) getting Ekiga up and running to provide a live feed from ALE central to other remote groups (still an awesome idea!)

I have a schedule conflict and will not be able to pull this off in time this week. Daughter leaves for a 6 week London school trip Thursday evening and I'm the designated driver to the airport (plus all the other ancillary _stuff_ that takes place before an extended overseas trip for a teenager).

I don't see a conflict for the July meeting.

I was planning on following the info from here:


and set up an alecentral account with ekiga.

Phase II will be to get the process to work with the live vga feed from the presenter's presentation...

heh, heh. total world domination ALE style....

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