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[ale] printing odd and even pages separately

lp print options for odd and even (leaving out destination and file for


lp -o page-set=odd

lp -o page-set=even


Works fine on text docs - haven't printed a PDF in forever so it
probably requires more than that.



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You can even tell lpr to print only the even or odd pages of a document
(don't recall the options off of the top of my head) by specifying the
page numbers and you can do that with a simple $() substitution to fill
in the page numbers...

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	Call me old skool: 
	   psselect -e thefile.ps | lpr
	   psselect -o thefile.ps | lpr


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	> Anyone know of a tool that will let you print all the odd
pages of a pdf 
	> document easily? I w...

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