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[ale] printing odd and even pages separately

Call me old skool:

   psselect -e thefile.ps | lpr
   psselect -o thefile.ps | lpr


*From:* Geoffrey <lists at serioustechnology.com>
*Sent:* Jun 08, 2010, 5:55:55 PM -0400
*To:* ALE <ale at ale.org>
*Subject:* [ale] printing odd and even pages separately

> Anyone know of a tool that will let you print all the odd pages of a pdf 
> document easily?  I want to print back to back, my printer doesn't 
> support that.  The doc is 110 pages, so listing the page numbers would 
> be too cumbersome, although I might write a script to do that and 
> cut/paste that.  I wonder if it could handle that many common separated 
> pages...
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