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[ale] Extremely pedantic question about Thunderbird.

On Friday 04 June 2010, david w. millians wrote:
> My boss likes to move his messages from both the sent and inbox into
> subject-related folders. He goes to his sent folder periodically and
> moves the messages.

Some mail programs can be set to automatically file sent messages in the 
same folder the parent message was in. Don't use Tbird so no idea if it 
is one that can.

> Here's the peculiar bit. If he forwards a message, it'll grab the
> address from his book, and format it as so:
> To: David Millians <millia at panix.com>
> If he replies to a message, it'll format as so:
> To: "David W. Millians" <millia at panix.com>

Perhaps put quotes around all the names in his address book so that 
replies and forwards are identical? Assuming Thunderbird does 
not then ""double"" quote replies.

> Does anybody know of a way to either:
> a) forget wrapping everything in quotes by default
> b) fix the sort order to one that makes sense.

No idea, but once you get it fixed going forward then the Replace function 
in KWrite might come in handy to fix his archives. I just opened a 162MB 
Mbox file on my rig with no sweat. A 977MB (I'm a pack rat what can I 
say...) Mbox crashes KWrite. YMMV