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[ale] Extremely pedantic question about Thunderbird.

On 6/4/2010 12:39 PM, David Ritchie wrote:
> Sounds like something that the mail reading application is doing. What
> are you using to read/forward mail, and is it on a Linux platform or
> Something Else...? I would look at the configuration of the mail
> reader.

It's on Something Else, but I tried at lunch on Ubuntu + T-bird and I 
get the same result.

> and also the entry for his name in /etc/passwd and make them
> consistent (assuming it is on Linux)...
> Of course, this is a guess.

My guess is that it's hard coded, and is not configurable. I would have 
no idea where to start reading the code, however.

I saw a video earlier today about programming on a pdp11. That's the 
level of programs I like to figure out. :)