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[ale] OT: Roku

On Fri June 4 2010, Chris Fowler wrote:
> I've tried them on my Ubuntu box and they are definitely faster than
> what Atlantic Nexus is providing but I'm not sure how this will affect
> streaming. ? I'm not sure how the streaming protocol works but I can not
> imagine the Roku constantly needing to resolve names to communicate back
> to ?Amazon or Netflix. ?I guess I should create a mirror port on my
> Cisco switch and use wireshark to see how many DNS queries the box is
> sending.

for a very long time I've had issue with iceweasel taking too long to load. I 
thought it was just overloaded with cruft... so I started using Chrome. I am 
beginning to think it was partly cruft, and partly DNS.. I have changed 
my /etc/resolv.conf & interfaces files to show opendns servers FIRST. i even 
signed up for the free opendns account & added my static IP. SO FAR, 
everything seems fine.... I keep telling my wife to leave the browser open & 
minimized, yet she keeps closing it, and crying when it takes 5 seconds to 
load the home page.

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux user # 367800
Registered Ubuntu User #12459