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[ale] OT: Roku

Has anyone had any problems from their Roku device?  Last July I bought
one to stream Netflix.  For about 8 months it worked flawlessly then the
wireless stopped working.  Last week I received the replacement but I
can't really watch anything on it.  We tried to stream a video from
Amazon and Netflix but it felt as if the device had problems playing
back the video.  One time the device restarted itself.   Today I tried
Netflix streaming on my Wii and my BD player and both of those work

I'm thinking these Roku devices may have a serious issue that is rearing
its ugly head after several months of usage.  Just before the wireless
on mine died I had horrible problems streaming Pandora.  At first I
thought that maybe my wireless signal was weak in the part of the house
but an HP laptop next to the Roku had no problem streaming Netflix.